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Most of us will spend the majority of our adult lives cooped up in an office and at work. During these long hours, we can only hope that we’re surrounded by a clean, tidy and hygienic work environment. However, this is frequently not the case, especially if your office is a garage, your hands or constantly covered in grease, and you are spending most of your time deep inside the engine of a car! For Vancouver, Langley, Burnaby and Surrey mechanic shop owners, maintaining a clean workspace isn’t always the top priority. But that is no excuse! Especially when keeping it clean is budget-friendly, stress-free and can be so conducive to increased productivity and company morale. As a company owner, it is necessary to understand how the experience of being inside your business affects both staff members and customers. A clean, orderly and comfortable work environment will bring in faithful customers, efficient employees, and further the success of your business.

We encourage all business owners to assess their work spaces for sights, sounds and smells that may be adversely affecting the workplace efficiency or productivity. Cluttered and messy work areas can decrease company morale and overall production rates. Maintaining a clean, organized, and dust-free environment reassures your customers and employees that you respect the trust they have placed in your business.

Garages can be full of vehicle contaminants, odours, grease stains, chemicals and unwanted clutter. If it’s time to clean and arrange your garage, our Vancouver, Langley, Surrey and Burnaby garage cleaners can assist in all your mechanic shop needs. Our expert garage cleaning services will vacuum the shop, degrease and scrub the floors, and clean the mechanics benches, thus improving not only the look of your garage, but also the safety of the area, so your staff and clientele can feel revitalized every time they walk into the shop.

Messy and unkempt work areas are indications of poor care and, perhaps, even an overall lack of consideration for safety and health. If a dining establishment serves food on dirty dishes, the client might display a fear of contamination. Similarly, Auto mechanics work with heavy devices and caustic chemicals; they deal with a variety of security dangers every time they go to work. Oil and transmission fluid changes, as well as other automobile upkeep treatments mean employees are working with slippery fluids that can coat the garage floor and increase the risk of slipping. Leaving chemicals on the floor likewise enhances the risk of chemical inhalation, which can trigger respiratory irritation among other issues.

Routine expert cleaning is very important for any Lower Mainland mechanic store. It is your first line of defense in an on-going effort to enhance safety, optimize maintenance programs and present an expert look. Our cleaning services for mechanic shops offers efficient, detailed and powerful support for your business in the Metro Vancouver, Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley areas.  

Absolutely nothing speaks louder than the appreciation that comes directly from our past and present clients, who really know the value of our services. Do not take it from us; listen to the words of our customers when they speak about our car dealership and mechanic shop cleaning. Experience a beautifully clean Vancouver mechanic shop with Corporate Cleaning Services today.

Over the past 25 years, Corporate Cleaning Services has refined our techniques to meet the challenges faced when cleaning Mechanic Shops.  We understand that a company specializing in cleaning high rise office buildings will not understand the unique needs of your mechanic shop business, and we can truly say we are the Mechanic Shop cleaning experts!
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Since 1991, we’ve dedicated our business to the essentials of success: integrity, honesty and consistent quality. We’ve built extensive dealership-specific cleaning strategies to ensure in-depth and detailed maintenance for every showroom, every time. Trust our local Greater Vancouver experts to elevate any sales space. 




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