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Car dealership cleaning services

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When potential customers walk into your showroom, the last things you want them to notice are streaky windows, dusty tiles, or fingerprint-covered walls. Keeping your dealership immaculately clean allows clients to focus on your selection of vehicles, and not the condition of your showroom or client spaces.

We realize that it is essential that your showroom consistently looks its best – that’s where we come in! Our detail-oriented, professional car dealership cleaning team will ensure that your location constantly exceeds your expectations. We will help make your dealership look amazing by keeping it spotlessly clean and aesthetically enticing.

Buying a vehicle is possibly the second most expensive purchase in a person’s lifetime, and the majority of people are anxious when making the final decision, which is why we aim to create a space that will not distract them from the final handshake and paper signing.

Let our dealership cleaners help put the shine back in your showroom floors, bathrooms, and the rest of your sales property. We guarantee that the glass storefronts and high-gloss flooring found in your showrooms will be as clean as your vehicles, guaranteeing the only things to notice in the showroom are the amazing products that you have to offer. Our professional cleaning standards will give you an edge over your competition before ever even making a sale or starting a pitch! We supply our Car Dealership and Showroom Cleaning Services to individual car dealerships or franchise networks throughout the Fraser Valley, Greater Vancouver and Metro Vancouver areas.

We understand the unique challenges of cleaning automobile dealership showrooms. Corporate Cleaning Services has refined our techniques over the past 25 years to meet these challenges head on and we can truly say we are the Car Dealership Cleaning Experts!

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